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What is Computer Blocks?

Computer Blocks is a tool used to simulate digital circuitry and logic gates. It is based on a grid and revolves around cables, inverters and source blocks which when used together can theoretically produce any digital program or computer.

It is an incredibly versatile and expansive tool, however it can be daunting at first glance. We have many plans to help with this problem including in-game tutorials and challenges, a detailed wiki and potentially video guides on YouTube. For more information on our further plans read the "What is next?" section bellow and check out our Trello page.

The Computer Blocks tool has various blocks with the most basic and fundimental of them being the cable, source and inverter. With these three simple objects you can theoretically replicate almost any digital program. This can be done by using various logic gates (AND, OR, XOR) to manipulate inputs and produce outputs based on ur circuit.


What is next?

Online Multiplayer

Our eventual goal is add the ability for multiple people to work on the same project at once with live updates of the other persons actions.

Project Sharing

The ability to share your projects as well as download others from either an in-game browser or from our website and easily integrate them into your own game. This will also be available for snippets.

Puzzles and Chalenges

We hope to add puzzles set by us as well as eventually having the ability for users to easily create and share there own puzzles. The puzzles which come pre-installed will act as both a incremental tutorial as well as extra challenges for advanced users. This will work but being given a description of what you need to build as well as input and output blocks which will give and recieve certain multiple randomised signals which must be correct in order to complete the level. You may also be given size / layer restrictions or block limits, these will all be up to the creator of the level.

Headless Mode

Add a mode which just shows inputs and outputs. This allows you to have more of an interface with your circuit. For example, you could have the output of a calculator and possibly convert the result to decimal.

Versatile Snippets System

Implement a delete and rotate selection option as well as a layered snippets file tree.

Lots Of Optimisation

We still have a lot of work to do in regards to optimisation and some smaller bug fixes. At the moment the creation of a loop either breaks the game or causes a mass of bugs. Our current solution to this just prevents you from making such loops however this is incredibly intelligent. If anyone believes they may have a solution to this problem feel free to check out the source code and send us an email.

For more information and up to date news on what we are currently working on visit our Trello page at https://trello.com/b/kMgKFAj1/computer-blocks.